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~*Subaru Picture Game*~End Of The World Edition

How to play:

-Name a place or thing to take a picture with your Subaru-

-The first person to go out, take, and post the picture gets to pick the next challenge-

-Picture must be a taken after the challenge is posted. Try not to make it impossible, no photochops-

-There must be a way to identify the car in the pic as a Subaru-

Rules: <-- read them and follow them or don't post

1) Pic must be taken after the challenge is issued
2) Photographer can not be driving/riding in the car featured in the picture.
3) Challenges can't be illegal (Example: Your Subie doing 100+ in a school zone...that's just bad ju-ju )
4) 3 vote rule:
---3 votes yes = it passes
---3 votes no = FAIL
---OP can veto challenge if it is nowhere near what they meant
5) No duplicate Challenges. Each repeat, or close to, will be judged on a case by case basis.
6) Your Subaru has to be featured in the photograph.

In this new and improved thread we will have not one...not two...but THREE sets of Two easy Two medium and Two hard challenges in a tier system!!

Challenge examples:

1pt Easy Challenge, anyone with a Subaru and a camera can complete this.
Challenge 1: Sun Chip~Aru...with someone eating Sun Chips (and/or Wheat Thins, another favorite snack of mine) in a relaxed, comfortable position. <----Easy Challenge

2pts Medium Challenge, this one in particular half of SCIC could do on any given work day.
Challenge 2: King-Kong~Aru. ... on top of a building <----Moderate Challenge

3pts Hrad Challenge, not just anyone can do this. It might be specific to a certain group, region, past time, ect.
Challenge 3: Saved my life~Aru... with a totaled subie <----Difficult Challenge

Things to Remember:

If you beat an easy challenge, post an easy challenge, etc..

Keep it mostly on topic, after all this is GC not OT.

Carrying on conversations about the pictures is cool, just try to not get too OT.

Please copy and paste the challenges occasionally if you are rambling, that way we don't have to go back 123456 posts to find them.

Now get out there and have some fun, that's the whole point.

How to Post Pictures

The one...the only....Ver 1.0

Oldie but a goodie....Ver 2.01

Back from the ashes

These ^^^^ are ALL links, click them

Stolen from the Subaru Picture Game 2.01

Previous Winners!
8/5/10 - Spa2K
1/12/11 - EvileyeZ88
4/22/11 - AfflxnPB
12/11/12- Evileyez88

A special thanks goes out to all those who made this version and the previous versions of the Subaru Picture Game possible.
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