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Every tuner has his/her way sometimes of doing things. 12:1 is not bad if we are talking race gas or 93/94 and less timing or lower boost. 12:1 is also not bad up top. Some tuners richen up to redline and other lean out after the hp/tq cross over point. Again it comes down to other factors. When your just cruising these cars are setup to autotune to 14.7:1 using the front o2 sensor (which is a wideband). The AEM also has a closed loop mode with the wideband sensor option.

Anyway your on an AEM so things are different to a point and a lot of the extra stock ECU tables are not required or wanted at least.

One reason you cannot find just answers to your questions is because there are many variables. Also no offense but I tend to second guess most customers personal diagnostics. I won't even do email tunes because when I tune a car its not just about logs its about feeling, sounds, and other items that turn it more into an art form. Anyone up here in Alaska that has ridden with me on tunes knows I get into it and can sense things like a just messing with you.

Anyway sure send logs to [email protected] , but like I said I can only point you in the right direction (hopefully) you really might want to spend some seat time with a local tuner. Its worth the time and money to learn from someone who has been there and done that if your trying to tune yourself. Subarus (stock ones) are not very forgiving if you make a mistake, especially with stand alone systems.

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Thanks a lot. Is there a particular set of correction factors you like? How much timing gets pulled, etc.? After seeing some of the stuff in this tune, it wouldn't surprise me if half the tune was off or just looked over.

On a couple early runs (when i first got the car) I saw nearly 12:1 up top when I hadn't touched a single table in the aem unit. That, along with a few other things, tells me this tune was rushed or some of the compensation tables weren't right or touched at all. When I got the car it was "de-tuned for cold weather". I didn't take enough time to go over everything when I bought the car. I had thought I wouldn't have to worry about a tune from this place. Lol. When I was checking everything out, I had assumed it was super twitchy driving around because of the cams. Turns out it was the tune. It drives amazing now...or at least a lot better than when I got it. And I'm not using a ton of fuel either.

But anyways. Lol. Do you have an email I can send a couple logs to? They'll be in aemlog format though.

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