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If you want strength in a boosted application, you usually don't look at titanium. P

The density of 300M differs from 4340 only in some of the alloying agents and draw time (IIRC). So for all intensive purposes, if I used the same g-code as I do on these but with a 300M forging, you'll have the same weight.

Now the Honeybadger rod, 132.5mm but with a few other dimensional changes, weighs in at 516 grams IIRC and I rate it to safely be used on 35R'ish turbos. I'd estimate 850 bhp or so...however I don't like to toss numbers as the load on the road can differ a lot from numerous variables. Not a rally car with ALS and having 30 psi at 3k has a massive rod load but meanwhile would choke at 300-350whp.

My '1200hp' rods that are used for my destroke builds (134.5mm and 300M) weighs 537 grams. I've then also made standard length 300M rods for a serious auto-x'er and they were 490 grams. So as you can see, if I don't have a rod to fill your need, I'm happy to do it.
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