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Originally Posted by qomat View Post
I had stage 2 for a while than removed it back to default after i got ticket.

In cold winter weather i hit car hard, car choked and than check engine came up. I went to subaru dealer so they can check it out.
They immediately came by after few minutes of diagnostic saying it got to much boost that is why check engine came up and also I'm running different code than it should be on the car so they asked me if i modified something.
I told them i had AP but i went to default after it.

I have a chance still to buy warranty on my 07 (less than 30k) but not sure if i want to spend 2k for warranty that may be void in the future.
The dealership may have jumped to the conclusion that you were running different "code" because of the overboost. If you selected the "uninstall" function on the AccessPORT and successfully ran through that procedure, then your ECU would have been returned back to the exact tune/image that was present prior to installing the AccessPORT. If, instead, you reflashed the "installed stock mode" map, you would not be running your original factory ECU code (it would be a stock tune with our custom code to recognize the AccessPORT and allow for features like real-time tuning). Regardless, it is not surprising that you overboosted with stage 2 mods running the stock map - the stock map does not have the appropriate boost tune for stage 2.

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