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Originally Posted by rkramer View Post
thought this thread would have died off long ago!

At WOT, air spends .00005 seconds passing through the throttle body. Any heating affect is going to be so inconsequential there isn't a dyno in the world that will be able to detect it. So yes, it is costing you power, like .0005 hp. (all numbers are completely made up)

But on the other side of the coin, doing this 'mod' WILL cost you mileage. Cold air is good for power when you are at WOT, but cold air costs you mileage when you aren't at WOT. Search around the hypermiler forums, they do hot air intakes! For normal city driving where you are doing a fair amount of idling, not having the heated air will cause more fuel to be dumped in, plain and simple. (numerous factors cause that, i'd suspect the poor atomization of the fuel is the leading one.) My own testing as well as many others supports this, when you do this mod your mileage will suffer.

As someone previously mentioned, you would get more of a power boost by removing your floormats. Of course, that would also increase your mileage. In the case of this mod, you get zero measurable increase in power, but will absolutely be able to document your mileage drop if you keep accurate records. (also depending on your driving, more stop and go and this would have a larger impact.)
You're telling me you want hot air? Just run your compressor side to your throttle body. **** innercoolers. I mean... the air crosses through the turbo for like .00005 seconds so its probably the same temperature as ambient. You're going to get so many miles per gallon dude. It'll be sweet.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head:
The fact of the matter is everything adds up. More dense air is better because it holds more O2 per volume, hence why we run innercoolers and in any serious "Power Proven Bragging" thread ambient temperature and elevation are recorded. On top of that more O2 will result in a slightly lean condition. (Better MPG?) Further more this shares the same concept as the TGV to head spacers, all trying to reduce IAT at the heads via reduction in heat transfer.

Realize what the throttle body is connected to an intake manifold and some sort of piping, all of which the throttle body is going to try to do its best to heat up to 195*F. I would like to see data on OD plenum temps before and after this mod, with and without thermal spacers to the heads.

Will I expect to see 5-10awhp? Hell no.
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