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Thumbs down '93 Impreza 'L' EJ18 woes

Bought the car about 5 years ago, and its been a great running, extremely reliable DD. Sold the car to my sister a few years ago. Car now has 188k miles on it. She complained of a horrendous misfire and a noise from the engine. i went over to check it out. the drivers side front spark plug fell apart and seems to have made its way into the crank case and developed a noise in the bottom end. the cause of the misfire was never found, as i threw in a new plug to see if it would change and it did not. I assumed the cylinder was shot and recommended swapping the motor.

I sourced out a used motor from a junkyard who claimed the motor "ran nice" with 104k miles on it.

9 hours, a few torn knuckles, and it was swapped. The only difference between the engines was mine is an automatic, versus the brand-new-used one being from a manual. I swapped the needed parts around no issue.

Now here is my issue. I got everything buttoned up, and gave her a nice once-over before putting in the battery. I installed new belts, hoses, spark plugs, oil change, and exhaust gaskets. Put the battery in and turned the key and it didn't start.

The engine cranks nice and fast, has fuel, but no spark at the coil. I checked the obvious things like missed connections and poor grounds. I then proceeded, 1 at a time, to change (with the ones from the original motor) the coil pack, crank sensor, and cam sensor. Still got nothing. Pulled the end covers off the timing belt, and checked the timing of the engine, and it too checked to be ok.

I have read that low oil pressure could be the cause, key on i get the idiot light on the dash, crank the engine the light goes out, and stays out for a few seconds after you release the key. This leaves me to assume the engine is getting the appropriate oil pressure.

I have also read that the ECU commonly goes bad during a motor swap (how, i have no clue), but i get the CEL on the dash, and being OBDI i cannot scan it.

I did not remove or unplug the ignitor during the swap, therefore i do not suspect this to be the issue.

i unplugged the coil from the harness and get 12v key on power to the middle (red) wire, but appears as though i am getting no crank trigger signal.

My next place to look will be behind the crank pulley, to see if the crank is damaged where the sensor reads. I have read on this forum elsewhere that it was a problem for someone, although their vehicle was far newer than this one.

Do any of you guys have any other suggestions?
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