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Originally Posted by albersondh View Post
- Get one portable propane torch and pliers.
- Pop hood and pull big vacuum hose off brake booster.
- Insert propane torch tip into brake booster hose.
- Crank propane to full open.
- Take your time getting back in the driver seat so it can load up with gas.
- Crank the engine, it will start instantly.
- Quickly go back under the hood shutting the propane valve and reconnecting the brake booster hose.
- Explain this daily operation to your co-workers as they stop to help when they see you fooling with things under the hood and its 10*F outside

For the first couple years I had my car I did it like this. It will start on propane INSTANTLY regardless of how cold it is (tested to -0F). Only needs to get running for a second and you can shut the propane off. Just the heat from a few combustion cycles will get the combustion chambers hot enough to promote good enough fuel suspension of E. I fought cold starts with E winter 2009 and 10. Since then the code for cold cranking and warm up enrichment has been cracked and written to the tables in RR. Also got some big injectors helping things now, so far no issues, but its early in winter and has not dropped much below 30....
I figured propane would work, I didn't see any show stoppers, good to know the concept is proven then.
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