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Well, my friend, looks like we're both doing the same swap around the same time =) I just left Japan after 5 years and could not part with my Version 6 Type R. So I did what any hard core Subie gearhead would do, I stripped it and shipped it back stateside in pieces. Parts wise, I think we're about the same other than I cut the firewall just ahead of the shock towers. I have all the important stuff from the front of the car. I only left half of the bare shell in Japan.

All of my goodies arrived two weeks ago. Just about everything survived with only a couple minor scratches. If you want to check out my car, I'm on the "other board", same nick as here.

My donor is a 98' 2.2 "L" coupe. I didn't want a sunroof as the Type R was never offered with one so the RS was not an option. My Version 6 was Blue Ridge Pearl, however I am changing it over to Steel Blue Mica (only offered on the Version 5).

I'd be interested in swapping notes with you. Couple things I've noticed and you've probably figured out by now... The firewall is the same however there is a secondary skin on the inside that is RHD specific. You can drill out the spot welds on the donor and on your USDM chassis and fit the RHD specific skin. That way you're not disturbing the integrity of the OEM firewall. As for the extra holes, I'm going to MIG new sheetmetal behind the holes than use body filler on the engine bay side to smooth the firewall.

You'll need to drill out the spots for the main dash support. I think it has 4 or so spots and weld that on to your USDM chassis. As for the wipers, you'll need to swap the center wiper support over to the left of center (referenced from the driver's seat). It can be done but it's going to suck.

I pulled mine apart and I've owned it for the last 4 years or so. I know most of this car, so if you have any questions, I can try to help you. I also have the Subaru FAST software if you need part numbers. It's in Japanese but I can show you how to navigate it. It's a great resource as you can usually supply your JDM part number to and they can order what you need. Drop me a PM with an E-mail address and I'll shoot the software your way. I'm excited to find another GC guy as nutty as me =)


P.S. The timing belt sticker comes with every new T-belt (in Japan). Yours means: Timing belt changed at 72,476 km on February 28th of Heisei 20 (2008).

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