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Originally Posted by project_skyline View Post
Crank: Honest save the money, and go with a balanced stock crank.

Bearings: Nothing but ACL's

Con Rods: Corrillo rods are light and durable, plus I know a place that sells for close to manley I beam prices if you have them build your motor(which I'd recommend)

Pistons: 8.5 cr JE FSR. Had lots of good experience with JE pistons in other applications and from what I read here they seem pretty awesome. Though if anyone has a suggestion on a lighter but equally robust piston I am all ears or if 3MI releases a piston I will go with that. Also looking at stock piston bore size to start out because more chances for hones later. Good choice but I'd do minimum of 9:1

Gaskets: I'd just do copper sprayed stock head gasket, works all the time.

Heads/cams/valvetrain: There are tons of heads out there that flow better and cost less then cosworth. There cams are just whatever too, I think kelford and GSC make ones that walk all over theirs

Intake manifold: building my own out of carbonfiber composite, I have many years working with CF in sailboats and also in acoustic products. Also have lots of experience in CFD so I think I would rather try this one out on my own. I of course will be sharing what I find and anyone willing to offer advice and help are more than welcome to. I will do a separate thread for my intake manifold. Interesting to see

Headers+exhaust: custom equal length inconel headers and down pipe, ewg (twin tial 38mms should do it), titanium cat back. Inconel, that will be expensive

Throttle body: skunk2 72mm dbw

Intercooler: spearco custom air-2-water. Lighter, colder, less piping, plus unique, will put a water reservoir in the back. Not sure if I have seen a air-water that weighed less then a air-air, not ideal for street duty

Turbo: I think you'll find the .92 a/r housing will be a choke point.

Other then that I think you will have a hard time making that amount of power unless your doing it on a dynojet with good fuel.
I am going with a different crank for lightness and strength, sure it's more expensive but I am in a big search for a really fast revving engine.

I am nervous about acl stuff from the recent threads about some issues folks are having.

Looked at carillo rods, but I do love what 3MI is doing. Micah has some sick ideas! What's the name of that shop you mentioned? You can pm if it shouldn't be public.

I doubt I will go 9:1, the gains won't really be much from what I have seen other than increase chance of detonation with the fuel I have access too. Now that being said I am searching for a different option. Won't post anything about it until I really have a solid Idea.

Not set on anything head wise. Still looking at the numbers. But I do greatly appreciate the suggestion!!

Gonna go with the cosworth head gasket, there are some serious builds that have used them without fail. Plus I don't want a messy sprayed copper gasket getting everywhere.

Yes the exhaust setup will be expensive but it will never crack under heat stress.

Air to water can be lighter when done properly (especially when comparing the amount of cooling I can get), plus the weight is centered and a in a far more optimal spot than a giant FMIC that hangs a tonne of weight way out in front of the wheels. Not doing a drag car, this thread is about the engine build but the car is gonna be built to turn and do it well not just go fast in a straight line (that gets boring quickly to me). As for the street I should have no problem with air-2-water. Used them before without issue. Far less chance of heat soak and if there is it is a whole lot less mass to get heat soaked so it can cool off faster. Win win win win in my books.

I am trying a .92 a/r to see if the restriction versus increased spool up is worth it. If not I will go bigger hotside. the '83' is a 79lb turbo, I think 650 is possible with some rev's. And hey, if not, slap a 91 on there and go for broke. Plus I have some tricks up my sleeve.

Anyways thanks man! I appreciate the suggestions!!! Keep em coming!

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