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So I have been searching and reading and I haven't found anything about using a lightweight flywheel (specifically ACT Streetlite) on an 06 STi. I have a Clutch Masters FX 300 that is going in and I have heard both sides about using the flywheel, any insight or experience would be very helpful.

I have heard that the RPMs fall fast which causes rough idle.
I have a 06 WRX and just installed an F1 Racing, 13.7 lbs flywheel and a Clutch Masters FX200 today. The RPMs don't fall that fast, maybe just a slight hesitation of letting off the gas while shifting, but nothing that a week or two of driving wonít get you used to. I was also surprised to see no change at idle. The needle is as steady as it ever was. The car definitely pulls quicker and you barely have to touch the gas to keep it at 80 on the highway. I was surprised that the FX200 felt really light and gummy compared to the stocker being that itís a Stage 2 clutch. It feels all right though and grips like a b*stard too I did upgrade my clutch line to steel braided so that could have something to do with the feel also.
The flywheel didn't throw any codes but it did misfire and stall today while casually driving down a residential street. After a rough re start and some bucking as I was getting going I was surprised to see absolutely no code at all? I have an appt to get a tune on Monday so hopefully it was just a learning process for the car and won't happen again. It drove fine after that.
I know you were looking for a STi but this is what I got. I know mine hits boost and spools even faster now than it did before, launch is significantly "touchier" but by no means have to rev to 1000s of rpms just to get it going, and you'll get put back in the seat noticeably further ha-ha. One last thing is it does feel like the top speed may have gotten decreased but I won't try that till after the tune. I can't comment on top end because I haven't taken it over 3500 yet. Hope this helps a little.
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