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Originally Posted by Great Cthulhu View Post
In Autozone, getting an emergency battery swap (it was 28* outside and car was starting with depressing "roo roo" noises). A 20-something customer sees my car and walks in, arms akimbo:
Customer (CX): Those STi's as fast as everyone says?
Me: No, they're only 305bhp stock
CX: (jaw opens up)
Me: I've got mine up to 470bhp, but that's only half what a lot of people are getting out of these cars
CX: No freakin' way...
Me: I've beat M3's and Porsche Caymens around PR (our local GT road course), but really it all comes down to how much money you're willing to put down
CX: Well how much have you spent?
Me: $26k for a used '07 STi, plus another $10k in driveline and aero work, so $36k total on a Japanese 4-banger to beat $50k M3's.
CX: (does his jaw-openy-thingy again, only bigger, LOL)
LOL !! nice one
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