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Default 2013 Outback

I had the same issue, but only once. I shut the engine then turned it on again, deleted my destination and re-entered it and all was fine.

Originally Posted by Duffy View Post
I purchased a 2013 Outback limited 3.6 three months ago and while I like the car - styling, the interior room there are some frustrating issues. The most vexing is the GPS. I regularly lose GPS signal - sometimes as often as 4 times in a day (and some days not at all). It's random, I could lose the altitude reading or it loses the ability to connect with satelites and thus lose the ability to navigate. I've contacted Subaru of America Customer Service and they have been totally ineffectual in resolving the issue. The GPS has been replaced and still there are problems. I've sent them pictures of the GPS when it has gone out (sent a photo of me in my driveway - the house number clearly visable and the GPS map showing me to be on a road 1/4 mile away. No fix. I was on my way home from NYC and plugged in my home address and I was on the West Side Highway in NYC - straight road and the GPS "recalculated" 3 times in about 5 miles. No reason to - straight highway. A signal access problem?? SOA is stating only 1 other car has been reported as having problems. Okay then - replace the antenna and the cable connecting it to the GPS and, oh by the way, check the software as a possible issue. Nope - they say that the manufacturer of the GPS - Fujitsu-ten says there are no problems (then how do you deal with the pictures and that you replaced the first GPS after test driving the car and experiencing the issue first hand). BTW - the GPS is brand new and this is the first year in the Outback or any other Subaru. Another issue is that there are weird squeeks as the car travels down the road - really annoying. I had done informal survey's of subaru owners at gas stations and parking lots before I bought mine and folks said that all they did was change the oil and the brakes - solid car. I'm wondering if the 2013 Outback lives up to the Subaru reputation. Since the 2013 came out I'm starting to hear that the GPS issue is known but SOA won't acknowledge it because they don't know the cause (I've heard thru the grapevine that the antenna bracket and antenna are the issues). You might want to wait until the issue is resolved before buying a 2013 Outback.
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