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Originally Posted by azerpmis View Post
Yeah, I've seen that before. But I'm still having trouble doing it by pictures. I'm very new to modding cars, so its been hard for me. I was hoping someone could make a vid for us noobs :]

I did this about a month ago..Super easy!!! (I'm a first timer as well with modding cars)

You can remove the grill without having to remove your bumper or battery.

First thing you need to do is remove these 2. The air vent and also this J-shape thing that is one long piece that runs along side of the grille.

Engine by jmaiden91184, on Flickr

They are held on by plastic clips so it should be fairly easy to pop them out with a flat head.

Next step. make sure your hands are not chuncky or fat because its going to be hard to reach. Behind the grille are nubs that go into slots that hold the grille in place. You have to jimmy it some how and put some muscle into it. I think someone said lift up and push forward... but when you see the nubs you will know what im talking about. Don't be afraid to put some elbow grease into it because the clips are hard to pop out but also fragile enough to break.

Let me know the progress

Good luck!
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