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I think you stumbled onto a good choice for a turbo. You will want the 8cm housing, as the 2.5L will want the extra surface area to get the turbine moving and get the gasses out. The 71 utilizes the HTA aero, which IMO, is one of the best 'billet' generation designs. The 7 blade wheel is very efficient and does what it is supposed to do. You will have no issues with longevity, if you use good oil and service your car appropriately.

The turbo can make power in the right hands(tuner). It will be a blast on the road course or autocross circuit. The spool characteristics will be similar to stock, but it will not fall off up top.

Do not consider the 10CM option,as bigger is not necessarily better. This turbo was not designed to be used with that housing when it was conceived at FP. The idea was to fit a particular nice, and it does so exceptionally well.

I would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about your build, turbo selection, or any other race related topics.

You can reach me on the forums, via email, or call me at the shop...whatever works best for you.

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Originally Posted by Gami004pilot View Post
Hello Guys! Need your suggestions please.

I own an 05 STi currently at stglade wheel b-2 STI (TXS TBE, APv2 and crawford AOS). I'm in my mid 30's have wife and kids and decided to keep our STi as a daily driver.

My STi has 82K miles and I recently got her checked out by my local tuner. Tuner says I need a new turbo as my VF-39 is going out. I don't want to put the same turbo in so...
Long story short..., I'm looking into different turbos and need knowledgeable suggestions. I'm willing to do supporting modifications (injectors, fuel pump, EBCS and more)
For several days I've been researching turbos...and I have been reading into the FP TD05 68hta but then I stumbled on this 71hta (hence why I'm writing on this thread) .

The question is;
-Would this turbo be reliable for long term use (years of use when reliably tuned)?
-Can I use this turbo to grow with future modifications (big intake, headers, intercooler)?
-Are there different configurations for this turbo? If so then, What configuration should I go for for my 05STi?
-IF no for this turbo, then what should I go with?
I don't want to spend more then $1400 on a turbo if this helps.
I would like fast spool (faster then stock if possible and nice top end but I don't need a crazy fast car... just a little more to enjoy since I'm replacing the stock turbo... O! I will auto-x it and road-coarse it once in a while....

I really look forward to your suggestions and info..
many thanks yous in advance...
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