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Originally Posted by Laexreme5 View Post
what kind size wheel/tire combo can you fit on a bagged GR? seriously considering this kit when i save enough. im still looking to keep my functiuon, as well as have form. i go camping alot on dirst roads and bags seem like the perfect solution. that blue gr is THE SEX, love it. got the specs on it?
Bags are definitely awesome for all sorts of scenarios- this being one of them! Erin's blue GR is on a Bag Riders complete kit. She's using Air Force struts and AccuAir SwitchSpeed management. I'll be sure to forward your kind words to her I'm sure she will appreciate it

Originally Posted by subaric View Post
My guess would be any, depending on how much work you want to do to fit it. You can always pull fenders, stretch tires (as much as I hate that) or add camber. But different widths + offset are what you need to check eg. 18x10 +30 only pokes 3mm more than an 18x8.75 +20.

Google an offset calculator, and Google image the setup that you're looking for eg. "08 STI (car) Rota SVN 18x10 +30 (wheel) 255/40/18 (tire), usually they'll talk about what it took to slam the car on those specs.

But if you want to play it safe, 18x9.5 +38 with a 255 or 265 tire gives you plenty of tread and a nice aggressive stance with minimum effort on the widebody 2011+ wrx/08+ STI.

Originally Posted by 4-n-zics View Post
Just curious, but how are the air lines run from the tank(s) to the bags? Do you have to drill holes in the trunk floor or are there ways to run the lines without having to permanently alter the vehicle? I am interested in going this route for my 2011 STI sedan. Also, what is the average cost for the install (I know that prices will vary depending on location). I have never done any suspension work on any vehicle.
You can definitely route air lines without drilling any holes. For example, if you installed everything in the trunk, there are grommets for electrical wires that you can run the rear air lines out of. For the front air lines, you can run them through the interior via the door sills - there's a lot more room in there than you would think! I have (2) 4awg wires and (2) 3/8" air lines run down one of my door sills. It's a little crammed, but it fits!

For installation, the cost can be anywhere from 500 - 1500+ (maybe you could get an install for less from a friend) depending on where you want to go (e.g. an enthusiasts house who works in a driveway vs a "real" shop), the type of management you're installing, and how "show ready" you want the trunk to be. Throughout our years in business, we have built a network of qualified and experienced air ride install shops ranging from the weekend warrior enthusiast to full fledged auto shops prepared to do a SEMA quality build. Feel free to PM me or shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]) if you have any questions!
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