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sorry havent been keeping up with this thread

watchespn app ftw?

Originally Posted by konradlip View Post
I love this post. I'm going to do something similar to this. I really don't want to use a radio since it will be an extra battery drainage. I found that a Clarion Equalizer does the job even better than a radio since it have 7v outputs and I don't even use the radio. A good place to mount it will be where the cup holder is. Also to make it look more fancy i would trim the radio bezel so you can see the whole black glass screen of the nexus. This would also bring it closer. I do have a question about the wiring tho. How it the battery holding up? Did the nexus die on you yet?
battery will last a good 4-5 days on normal everyday usage (to and from work) which usually means tethering for music. but as of lately ive stored songs on my tablet through spotify

Originally Posted by jcolomde View Post
Is that app accurate? how does it get the readings?
from my experience the app is not that accurate especially with the slow refresh rate. kind of cool to show people but i prefer real gauges. it uses a bluetooth obd2 adapter.

Originally Posted by ElectroFetish View Post
This is so cool. Never would've thought of that! I'm guessing you just have all your music stored on your nexus? Or are you tethering a connection of some sort and using google play? what if you need to take the tablet out? easily removable? this is great, kudos.
spotify is all stored on the nexus. everything else is streamed and tethered to my phone. tablet is pretty easy to take out. takes like 10 sec

Originally Posted by rotian28 View Post
The things that stops me from directly placing my n7 into the dash are these.

1. tethering (iphone:n7) certain apps don't recognize the Bluetooth tether mainly pandora radio app. which is my go to app for music in the car. it does play spotify radio, have not tried other apps yet.

2. Hot/Cold. I live in the northeast where temps can range inside the car from 120+ to -20 very easily. I dont think the n7 will be able to handle the extreme cold or heat. especially the heat.

i love n7 and this setup.
i think the nexus will fair pretty well in extreme temps. i used to have a ipod mounted permanently in my car and it used to face some really extreme cold and hot weather conditions (as much as VA would allow) and it never skipped a beat. i hope the nexus will do the same but im in southern california now so i think ill be ok
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