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Mike I've read LTC Grossman's book and found it to be a VERY big eye opener, I believe it was 2010 or 2011 he was here doing a lecture at APU I think. He hits the nail on the head on so many different points in his book and yes folks it was written over 10 years ago and his studies were based on SLA Marshall's findings during WW2

As for this renewed push that will happen for gun control laws to be stricter on the masses , any politician that uses this kind of mass tragedy to pass his agenda ( because he can't get it passed any other way ) is not worth the votes he received and should be removed. Look folks guns are not the damn problem in this country they are nothing more then a tool , yet they will blame the gun and once again sweep the real issue under the rug and not speak of it... Since 1982 there have been 61 mass murders and of that 42 of them were white and pretty much all had one thing in common with each other...they were all MENTALLY ILL and that boys and girls is what really needs to be addressed in this country because it is already beyond out of control. And to say "well he seemed healthy " or " she was always an angel " and say there was no signs they were ill...listen America take your friggin blinders off and open your bloody eyes to the world around you!
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