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Originally Posted by nels0300 View Post
The first generation and the 2012-2013 Imprezas are the only ones that aren't ugly IMO.
Of course it is all subjective, but I agree. I really liked my bug eye. I like what they did with the new ones. The ones in the middle, not so much. But hey, the world would be a pretty dull place if we all liked the same thing.

On another note,I did a road trip today from Northeast Ohio down to Columbus and back. I made a few discoveries. First, the speedo on my car is right on with the GPS. The odo is a little pesimistic. Over 303.2 GPS miles, the odo registered 298.7. Anyway, the other point of interest is that going down, I stuck the cruise at 5 over, running 70 most of the way. The tach is about 2200 rpm. Dash mileage going down showed 35.4 avg. mpg. Coming home, I set the cruise at 65 running the motor at 2000 rpm. That seems to be a magic number as the reading continued to climb all the way home. Upon hitting the gas station, I had 37.8 mpg average. Since I had a few miles on the tank prior to departing, I used the actual distance on the tank and came up with 36.43 mpg. That was 322.3 actual miles using 8.845 gallons. I guess I should have gone 65 on the way down too. These readings were on the trip B, (the 35.4 and 37.8) which were a direct comparison to the GPS. Trip A was when I refueled the other day. Once I figured out the discrepency on the odo, I used that percentage to calculate the actual mileage on the tank, which is where the 36.43 came from. I can say however that the estimate the dash is displaying is pretty accurate for my particular car when I compare it to GPS numbers.

It would appear that keeping the rpm @ 2 grand will take you farther than running it higher. To go 5 mph faster would have only shortened the trip by 15 minutes or so one way so no biggie there. Not to mention that our state police were working hard today giving out performance evaluations.

Another item I have noticed, which I had mentioned elsewhere, was that certain fuel gives me better results. The local BP is good for a 3 mpg reduction over a local Get Go. (Get Go is associsted with a grocery store.) I would have expected that to be the other way around. In any event, fuel blends can not only be different from region to region but even locally. (I know when I hit the Plains states on the motorcycle my mileage goes down the tubes with the corn gas.) Anyway, it might be worth experimenting locally to find what takes you the farthest.

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