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Originally Posted by Andrew04WRX View Post
Ok found a cobb access port and it is unmarried will it work in mine if unmarried ?
It depends on what AccessPORT version it is. If it is the older, discontinued version 1 AccessPORT (black brick-shaped), then there are separate devices for each model/year, for the most part. You can look at the part number on the back to determine what vehicle it is for. If it does not match your vehicle exactly, it will not work.

If it is a version 2 AccessPORT (gray with color screen), there are 3 part numbers for Subaru (SUB-001, SUB-002, SUB-003). Each part number will work on a certain group of vehicles. You can find the complete listing of the vehicles per part number at the following link (under vehicle compatibility):

Both the version 1 and version 2 AccessPORT have to be uninstalled from the previous vehicle before you can use it on your car.

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