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Originally Posted by xluben View Post
What does everyone think of tint strips on the windshield? If I get tinted I'm wondering if that's worth doing. I think it might be useful, but it might look kind of goofy. Thoughts?
there are a million opinions on looks and % to tint.

every car i owned has had either 3m or Llumar 20% on all the windows besides the windshield. the sti had a strip on the windshield stock so i never did that. the biggest problem are those dots behind the rear view, from the outside that tint strip will NEVER look appealing because you will have the center spot cut out. becuase i know how much you like things to be clean looking i personally wouldn't do it if i were you.

further more, what is the reason you are tinting? if the SOLE purpose is heat and blocking UV then the traditional tint isn't the only option dont need to have dark windows to reduce heat. however me personally, as a student and commuter i leave things in my car, be it no in plain view but sometimes my camera bag, lap top, etc etc are hard to hide and i dont have time to always throw stuff in the trunk. to me tint it also a safety thing. with 35% i found it simply too light, you can still see inside especially if the light is shining directly into the windshield. i always found that 20% was a happy medium, further more 35% just seems half assed to me. its like you wanted tint but then decided against it. IMO its either 20%+ or stay fishbowl because going less than 20% visually just wont look right, whether you have a black car or white car, the % doesn't change, yeah it might look darker because of the color contrast but it actually isn't...

tint i had on my STi was Llumar Charcool and my brz now has 3M FX premium film, both were 20%. but i never did my windshield on either car so heat still found a way in.

also please dont do two tone, or only do the rear. either do it all, or not because that just doesn't look clean, but once again this is my opinion. which bring me to my original point, if you dont care about having dark tint you dont have to. a few people i know who live in cali and other states where sun is as harsh as the laws/inspection/cops they use clear films that do the same thing. they are legal, barely noticeable in color, however they do a great job in dropping temps and keeping out UV's and etc. even if you decide to do the traditional tint route, doing your windshield in this wouldn't be a bad idea, actually typing this i think i've convinced myself to clear tint the windshield i was torn between touching my windshiled or not, some of my friends have 20% literally all around but i just dont want to lose that night time visibility from my windshield.

well i rambled enough, here are some example of clear films that do the same thing my 20%'s do minus make it hard to see inside:

LLumar AIR blue (i think this would be best for you, i'll most likely do this)
it has a slight blue finish, similar to how benz and bmw windows used to look

news article about Air blue, as you can see its clear but blocks more heat than the tint you can get any at run of the mill "tint shop"

V-Kool(even the heaviest duty stuff they got is about as dark as 70% aftermarket tint)

here is a forum discussion about v-kool, you can see its almost not visible on the front window:

Huper Optic:

video which show what Huper Optik does:

3m crystaline:

3m ceramic:

both 3m's aren't exactly clear but are barely noticeable in person and offer what is said to be the best protection? its honestly between llumar, 3m and Huper...but not all of their films are clear, huper makes dark films...which use their same technology but are just darker. which once again leads me back to LLumar, their tint is clear and has a sublet blue hue, honestly your windows in pictures look like they have that same hue so it wouldn't be noticeable.

there is also this new stuff, can't seem to find where to buy seems like you jut need to contact that shop directly, there are many reviews and they seem to have a high end clients which are all picky as hell on the 6speedonline forums however this tint seems to be kind of a mix of box because you can still get it in a dark color...but they claim the clear stuff(kind of clear) cuts down on it the same way.

well now that i wrote that ****ing essay i'm going back to study for finals.

if you don't want to read everything i wrote i don't blame you, basically realize that dark doesn't mean best protection, most places use ****ty films...there are new films out that are almost clear and will probably have better protection/heat reduction than 99% of all the people's tinted cars on this forum. however those films aren't cheap, but ben i know you're not one to cheap out. i was going to pm you this, but figured other nasiocers could use this same info/knowledge. feel free to pm me i'd be happy to help you with this, i went through a lot of trouble when i had my first car and tint because my windows were ceramic from factory so nothing would match on the front windows...wetc i learned a lot to say the least, if you can't get the film i could probably have it shipped to you for a tint shop you trust to do.

okay now i'm done
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