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"75,000 annual deaths related to alcohol

45,520 annual deaths by vehicle in 2005.

36,000 deaths in 2008 from drug overdose, most of those drugs were prescription

32,000 annual deaths due to firearms

The first three examples are of situations that are highly regulated, often put in the hands of large governmental and corporate agencies with enormous resources to develop the best safety protocols available. The last, as you can see, is how guns measure up. Of course I didn't go for the easy bait of tobacco or obesity death rates. Nor did I pick on the horrible failure of the war on illegal drugs.

The recent events, and all events of mass murder by firearms makes your stomach sick and even poisons your soul to hear about. They are thoughts that haunt your sleep and make you paranoid for the future of the country, not to mention your own family. I understand, feel the same way, and wonder how to make the madness stop.

However...The first three links I posted are items not covered by the US Constitution. Nor are tobacco and obesity. They are not rights provided to us by this country's founding fathers. Our founding fathers wanted the citizens of this nation to form a well armed militia...perhaps it's time that we educate our citizens about firearms. We are not at war with an invading army on our own soil, but there are terrorists among our population..not a particular race or creed but they are of a certain warped mindset. Teach people how to safely handle, shoot, and carry firearms. De-mystify it all. Educate your average citizen on what they are all about. I know scads of people who are afraid of guns simply because they have no idea how to handle one. They wouldn't know the first thing about safety around a firearm because they never learned. Why is that? Why do we allow our nation to be educated about firearms through action movies and TV shows that celebrate violence, killing, mayhem. FCC RAILS against the "wardrobe malfunction" of the Superbowl where a woman's nipple was spotted a few years ago but doesn't blink an eye when there is a scene of a machine gunner mowing down crowd of people in some movie. How out of place is that?

Ban guns? No. Regulate guns? Yes, within reason. Regulate the education about guns? Absolutely.

Bad guys are already teaching themselves, inspired by their own twisted head. Taking guns away from them won't stop them. I just have to point at Timothy McVeigh to prove that point. Why are we not leveling the playing field for the good guys?"

One of my classmates, who was a paramedic like me, wrote this. I copied and pasted it to my Facebook site. I wanted to share it here as well.
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