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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I would find it very hard to believe that a more reliable half ton truck can be found than a Toyota.
Reliable...could be a toss-up. Durable...the F-150 kills it. No one on the planet tests their trucks to the level of Ford. Ford tests and designs for the worst-case use. That 1 person who will overload a half ton pickup and tow twice as much as they should, off a 20ft drop...that's where Ford comes up with their durability loads and tests.

I tried designing some new engine mounts for Ford. I benchmarked what GM used. My employer at the time made the engine mounts for Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. I laughed when I saw what happened to the engine and trans mounts off the Toyota when Ford ran one through their durability test schedule for an F-150. They broke 4 engine mounts and 6 trans mounts in the process.

That said, I think Ford is wasting time and money building and designing for that top 1% of owners. It's nice to say your truck is durable and will do more than it should, but at the same time you should be telling that retard to buy an F-250 or F-350 because it's the appropriate tool for the job.

Originally Posted by redtruck View Post
Yeah, they didn't actually read the press release.

I am looking forward to the numbers on these, the 5.3 and 6.2 could be pretty beastly.

The 4.3 is interesting, and it is long overdue to have an updated entry engine.

The Sierra looks best to my eye, and they look better today than they did yesterday.
That's what I was thinking. People saw a wall of text, looked at the pictures, and formulated opinions without reading.

I'm sure the new 5.3L with an aluminum block and direct injection is the same thing as the old iron block without direct injection.

I'm actually excited to read that they are adjusting the calibration so they will stay in 4-cylinder eco mode more often. I have the cylinder deactivation in my 2011 Sierra and it doesn't take much more than a sneeze to exit the 4-cyl mode. I don't need the V8 torque to climb the little rolling hills on my lazy drive to work. When it kicks back to V8 mode the instant fuel economy estimate drops 6-8mpg. I average ~17.5mpg. I got ~16mpg in my 2001 Silverado. I'd say I'm disappointed that it isn't a bigger fuel economy improvement in 10years, but the new truck does weigh several hundred pounds more. There are significant improvements though. The stock exhaust note is better. Cabin noise is significantly lower thanks to sound deadening materials. Overall ride quality has improved. Hopefully the new trucks are another step up. They do look good in person.
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