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Since I am on lunch my thoughts might be jumbled and a bit incoherent... (just fair warning)

The problem with today's society is that we have become somewhat shells of our former selves and have allowed the government to gain more control and regulation in every facet of life. An unforseen consequence to this is we have then inturn lost some (or most) of our "responsibility". This has created more "sheep" that follow mindlessly the herd, and shrug off any responsibility as if it's not their fault, but the governments for not protecting them and telling them what is wrong or right. The media, which some may argue is controlled by the wolves, aids in this by selective reporting. After all... did anyone know that at the mall shooting there was a man with a CCW permit, whom had teh suspect in his sights, and claims the suspect took his own life after realizing someone else was armed?

One could argue just as Mike above, that had the teachers, whether all or some, had a weapon an PROPER training, the very sight of someone with a weapon couldve diffused the situation more quickly.

Anyway, back to sheep and dogs. It is becoming ever more present in today's society of sheep that the sheep dogs are in danger. The wolves tend to paint a picture for the sheeple, that the sheepdogs are either militants against the government, are extremists trying to "ruin" the common way of life, or are in some way mentally "off". The wolves will then use acts like this to further their agenda and push for stricter gun control.

The problem is most DEFINITELY not "the gun", it is, has been and always will be the "person behind the trigger". Education on gun control, safety and care, as well as what and how to use it if you carry should be more paramount than restricting it. This education, IMHO, should be given to EVERY citizen, regardless of if they plan to own a gun or not. Reason's are 2 fold. The more you know, the less you fear as well as for self defense. One will never know if a non-gun owner winds up with a gun pointed at a suspect.

Mike, you are correct that taking guns away wont stop them, however are missing a point on why the playing field hasnt been leveled. A disarmed society is easier to control. As a government, would you want to have the whole of your population armed, as denoted in the Constitution, to rise up against tyranny? OR, if in power, would you try and make it illegal so there could be no resistance?
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