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Originally Posted by Millhouse_5 View Post
Hey guys. Engine shaving newbie here just looking for some tips from those more experienced than i am (read everyone). I've got an old STI and the engine bay is in need of a little brightening up. Right now it just looks like a crowded mess of crap and i just don't know where to start.

I know shaving is quite an undertaking, but I've got to start somewhere and it would be great to know a little before i get going on a project that could take me a very long time.
I've tried my best to start small and break it down to manageable bits so please tell me what you think of my plan. Tips and criticisms are welcome

Remove/clean/paint intake manifold and alternator

Remove turbo chimney and replace with heat shield

Remove/relocate boost control solenoid
-I plan on mounting my new MBC in the same place as the old BCS but I hear the old BCS needs to be reatined to avoid throwing a CEL. Is this true and if so, where can I put it so I no longer see it

Clean/paint rad mounts
-I'm not sure how these come off. It appears to be bolts on the chassis side, but pins or something on the rad side. How do i take these off

Relocate throttle cable
-Can i melt the cable insulation if it ends up touching either the block or the intake manifold or is there a safer way to route it

Tuck in as many hoses as i can
-What kind of hose can i use if i just want to make my own new lines to make it easier to tuck them away so i don't see them anymore

Here's a shot of my bay to give you a general idea of what im dealing with
Remove and repaint everything with rust or salt scum on it. Everything. Powder coating is cheap and looks great. Black or silver is clean and blends well. Bright colors on an otherwise dirty or old bay is janky. Trust me on this.

Also, hit up McMaster Carr or a similar vendor and order huge bags of stainless bolts in M6 and M8 sizes with washers and in various lengths. They are WAY cheaper than you'd think. For 50 to 100 bucks you can replace every single bolt that's visible in the bay. It makes a huge difference. Takes a bit of planning, but it's cheaper and less ricey than those dress up kits they sell. I've done my hood bolts, fender bolts and everything else in there. Looks great.
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