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Default Times... they are a changing

We've had threads started before... the Old Guard waxing poetic about the way things used to be on AKIC... "The Good Ol'Days". But these threads have faded off usually with a few good points made on both sides and the rest of the posts just agreeing with one or the other.

Over the last year I have sat back, watched and realized that there has been a major swing that has encouraged a new/younger group to come in and the older group to dig in their heals, quiet down or drop off completely.

So what has changed???

1. The people joining are younger than they've ever been. The cars are cheaper to buy and cheaper to build with the market being flooded with used parts.

2. We have gone from a forum of asking questions and the folks who worked on their cars providing answers based on first hand knowledge to a group who may or may not know what they are talking about but can provide you 50 links to someone elses builds.

3. We have gone from the occassional disagreement to members taking a thread off topic or turning so toxic the mods have to shut down posts or redirect to proper locations.

4. We have gone from Autocrossers going out to the test n tunes to watch and cheer for the drag racers and visa versa to arguing between fast cars vs. fast drivers.

5. People seem to use the boards to FLAME way more now. There's a place to have open dialogue about multiple topics but if you can't be respectful of a persons feelings, beliefs or subjects then don't create the thread or don't post. TAKE THE HIGER GROUND.

Bottom line... people change, generations change, cars change but AKIC needs to be a community.

This isn't old against new... lately I have seen meets picking back up... and it is the new guys directing it, we are seeing more people coming out over the last several years to autocross but we need to keep the momentum.

Youngsters... the old guys know a thing or two about these cars, it's like nails on a chalk board listening to you folks talk about mods that we know first hand won't work. I'll be the first person to tell you "I dunno" if I don't know something (just ask Caleb).

Old guys... sometimes we need to keep our mouths shut, we need to let the new guys ask for help versus giving them unsolicited "wisdom".

I have heard from some longtime members how much I have changed (it was not intended as a compliment) But they'r right... we all do. It's been 7 years, I bought a house, sold my Legacy and have a kid who's bigger than me now. My priorities are different... but I still want to be part of a community that enjoys hanging out together to talk about these cars... if you guys want to talk about philosophy, that's fine too... I'll be taking a nap.
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