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Very nice to see a mod posting up.

It has been tough to know where AKIC leadership wants us to go when threads simply get shut down with no explanation as they have lately. This certainly helps. I'm still hoping for a face to face Ralph.

I'm trying my best to pass on some of the good stuff to the younger generation. I'm also doing my level best to limit my bully pulpit side, There is a time and a place for it. I'm not PC. That gets feelings hurt more often than not. My own experience has been hard won. To an extent, I see some here that take all this stuff for granted. That it is just there for the taking, that they are entitled to it. A part of me has some trouble with that.

I have children who are older than some here. These new youngsters have cars modded well beyond the formidable stage, yet they have little driving foundation. How about tempering that mod happiness with a bit of work on your car handling skills and using some maturity representing these cars? Definitely a generation gap going on.

I really like the points Harris makes. Nail on the head with the whole "me too" bit. It did use to be exclusive. The experience has been cheapened by the influx of greater numbers. I recall when I was the ONLY WRX south of Anchorage on the Kenai Pennisula. I recall driving all the way up from Homer just to attend meets here in town with about 20 familiar faces. I only see about 5 of those guys who still have those original cars. I can recall not seeing a turbo Subaru on every corner, everyday of the week, but for years now that hasn't been the case. If I waved at every person who flips the deuce, I'd rarely have both hands on the wheel. Time marches on. The only true constant is change. Better get used to it.

Sonny too, makes good points. Experience and Wisdom are better served when doled out in measured doses. There is no one single, solitary handbook in this life. When you are approached to share your own supply, it can often be difficult to know where to halt. Something I'm learning as I go, I suppose.

Everyone isn't going to get along all the time. The differences between us leave room for growth. My wife and I went to a party saturday night with a large crowd of youngsters. We were the only people there over 25. We had a blast and they enjoyed our company as well. It was an enlightening experience.

For the most part, I still enjoy the community and the events. There are gems amongst the new generation. Yawn, I'm an old fart and I am now officially ramblin'. Sorry for the all the many transgressions. There is yin and yang in everyone. I'll do better focusing on the good thing we have.

I do appreciate this forum.
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