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Interesting read here. Nice to see this being put up on the table.

AKIC and Nasioc in general has been a tremendous resource for myself and my shop over the years. I also have seen things go up and go down here so to speak.

In the last few months I can say it seems to be on a good uphill streak for the most part. I think that all forums will have their trolls and troublemakers, all forums will have their clicks and cheerleaders, and off course you can't expect a good response on a Subaru forum talking about EVOs unless your bashing them!

I think what gets lost sometimes is peoples willingness to share good positive information for fear of negative response. If a forum gets run down with negative posts and generally negative people then it severely disrupts the balance. When people protect their own personal interest by slandering, discrediting, or spreading misinformation this hurts everyone. Ultimately the ones that attempt such things end up only discrediting themselves.

We all know that everyone has their opinions its how we choose to express them that makes the difference.

When members here feel free to post their ideas, opinions, questions, etc freely without others jumping on them for being right, wrong, or whatever then we have a good forum. We have a good community.

Most of us here I feel from who I have seen over the years posting and met are generally good in nature. I think sometimes its hard to hold back the key board warrior or one too many beers leads to some bad posts, it happens.

It is very easy to misunderstand one another via this media. It can be hard to tell sarcasm from seriousness for instance. It can be hard to tell fact from fiction. It can be hard to tell friend from troll.

I like what Kiwi had said about keeping 90% of the chatter to on topic. I very much agree with this.

In the end only a few points here:

1. The world doesn't revolve around this forum, but more of it will if we make it a friendly place. A VERY large amount of Subaru owners both performance and non-performance have no idea this forum exists. Spread the word and make new people welcome.

2. It seems like its easier for people to post negative, so take the harder route and try to be open and objective with your posts.

3. If you just really feel the need to call someone out try doing it directly to them via private message, in person, email, phone, text, etc. Calling people out in a public forum only provides evidence you have an agenda or an ego

4. Try harder to stay on-topic!!! I don't even think we should have an off-topic thread but if it helps some of us then that is ok.

5. Nothing wrong with supporting your shop, tuner, person, etc just do it in a positive way. You will gain far more credibility, and keep dialog open. By the way on personal note, behind the scenes all of the performance shops around here are on fine speaking terms and we actually help each other out from time to time.

Great people here! I'm looking forward to a great new year here!
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