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Originally Posted by _davin View Post
AKIC gave me the only friends I have in this city, and I'm very thankful for that.
I can relate completely with this, and am thankful for those beginning AKIC/AKDSM/AKMS years for creating some wonderful friendships that are still going strong today, and helping to form some great memories that forge that nostalgic yesteryear image.

I think USAF Harris is pretty spot on. AKIC has grown, and with it has endured some growing pains. In those found-of “good ole days”, we were more like that 30 person church, where everyone knew everyone, knew of each others family, was personable and everyone was more than willing to help out on any occasion. We met regularly it seemed, at least monthly, rain sleet sun or snow. The few new WRXs, the RSs, a Legacy, and a few non-Subie owners. All gathered and BSd, then drove or went to some place to eat. Just people into cars hanging out. No drama, no haters, …
Having grown like a large family, we now have much more than those original members, and like your big church analogy, or even a large family reunion, we nod at each other, smile, maybe say “hey”, but never really make it a point to know each other outside our little click.

I think what Sonny and Ralph elude to has a lot of merit. What seems to be missing, but is coming back is the meets. AKIC used to meet monthly at least back in the day, AKMS met nearly every week. Regardless timing, it allowed people to gather if they wanted, put a face and real name to the screen name, have conversations face to face regarding cars, girls, sleds, homes, the races, someone’s upcoming bday bash or just how whacked the drunk looked that just walked past the group. Whatever the convo, it was in person so you could better discern the context of the comment and their manner. You might even learn something new from people when in a group setting and find how small Alaska really is. Plus… look at Rusty, anyone that met him realized he wasn’t really that big an ass.

I see some meets starting back up, and maybe will try to make a few. I know I had opened my house up to ALL this past summer for an end of summer/deck BBQ (which wound up being one helluva windy night). Some good ole faces showed up like Jake, Mike, Shag and Tiger, but also some new faces showed like Kaitlyn, Seth and Kyle. I think everyone had fun and got along quite well despite “old vs young” or “new vs old”. BTW, shameless plug, I think we are planning to have a big new years bash.

I think this human interaction, the face to face portion that is missing, whether at meets, sporting events or parties is affecting peoples respect for one another. When we are all usernames, it is easy to get emotional and rant and rave, yet if we actually know that person, we may not be as harsh on them, and actually show them some respect. Which, in reality we should show respect REGARDLESS.
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