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Originally Posted by Squidz View Post
ID1000 shouldn't have injector problems. I'm on accessport...but any insight or suggestions would be helpful.

I havn't brought it back to the tuner yet to address the issue, but it may not be able to be fixxed.

Car fires up every time and idles perfectly...the only issue is i have to very lightly touch the gas pedal to get it to fire up the first try. It def. gets colder where you are than down South here.
Yeah, injectors weren't my problem either. I have FIC Bluemax injectors, and I have never seen a single set of those with a crappy spray pattern. I played with the cold start/warm up tables ALOT. I richened them little by little to the point that the car was so rich it would flood out and not start for 5 mins (approx 8.5-9:1 gas afr right at start up), and then went the other way and leaned things out little by little until it got to the point where the car was so lean it was misfiring (approx 16.5-17:1 gas afr right at start up). After working on it for literally every night for about two weeks straight, I just put it at the setting that gave the closest to best results (on cold mornings this was right about a 10.5-11:1 gas afr right at startup), and called it good.

I think that this issue is similar to the issue a select few people have had getting the ID2000's to idle on the stock ECU. Some people have issues, but alot of people don't. It doesn't necessarily mean that the tuner hasn't adjusted all the tables and settings properly. It just means that every setup is a little bit different, and what works perfectly on one setup, may not work perfectly on another.

In my case, I think that switching to speed density plus maybe bumping fuel pressure up 10-15psi would probably fix all the issues that mine had, but like I said before, when I looked at the hassle of retuning everything on speed density vs. the hassle of having to touch the gas pedal ever-so-slightly on the HANDFUL of mornings here in south GA that are below 35* every year, it was an easy choice for me to just tolerate it and move on.
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