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Originally Posted by gpshumway View Post
Eat you, huh, well that's very mature. And, no you apparently didn't read my post, because I specifically mention non-turbo Subarus and the thread title mentions the model specifically. Here, I'll help you out.

If you're too much of a newb to know that N/A = Naturally Aspirated, you shouldn't be posting snide remarks, especially to the OP of a thread who just shared $$$ worth of diligently gathered information with the community. I never said M1 0w30 was the best oil for a turbo Subaru, I went out of my way to say N/A.

I'm not the one who says timing chains are harder on oil, Subaru is, it's written in the owner's manual as the reason for doing the first oil change early. I also never said that a timing chain was as hard on oil as a turbocharger, in actual usage it may or may not be. The turbo itself is only one reason the turbo engines are harder on oil, pig rich running under boost is probably more important than the turbo itself. The turbo cars also run higher oil temperatures due to higher power output and the piston squirters. Higher oil temps are not necessarily harder on the oil, but they do make it thinner, pointing to the use of thicker oil.

Which is again why owners of N/A cars are ill served by following the default advice around here of "use RT6". RT6 is great for turbo cars, but is thicker than necessary for an N/A car and has relatively poor cold start performance.

Now, contribute something useful or get out of my thread.
Jesus Christ

Your thread is trying to offer proof to M1 being good for the H6. We already know the M1 isn't bad in non-turbocharged engines. What you are saying is 'Hey, the sky is blue in the daytime". No ****, no one is contesting that. The hate for M1 comes from it's inability to survive in the turbocharged Subaru motors, which your car is not (I've been informed that N/A = Naturally Aspirated. Also, ice is cold).

I also never said timing chains are not harder on oil than belts. I just said they're not as hard on engines as a turbocharger is.

Now I understand how Uncle Scotty and Unabomber feel...
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