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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Jesus Christ

Your thread is trying to offer proof to M1 being good for the H6. We already know the M1 isn't bad in non-turbocharged engines.
Oh we do, do we? Who is this we of which you speak? Take a look around this forum, ft86 club and and see all the ignorant posts about how M1 is bad but other brands of Resource Conserving 0w20 and 5w30 are good. There's a thread in this forum right now asking "who loves M1?" which speaks exactly to those ignorant assumptions about brand, this thread was in part a response to that one.

With the new FB engines becoming ever more common in the Impreza community, having good information about which oils perform in the new N/A timing chain boxers is a good thing.

What you are saying is 'Hey, the sky is blue in the daytime". No ****, no one is contesting that. The hate for M1 comes from it's inability to survive in the turbocharged Subaru motors, which your car is not (I've been informed that N/A = Naturally Aspirated. Also, ice is cold).
The hate should be for the use of Resource Conserving oils of all brands in turbo EJ engines, particularly the GF-4 generation. The GF-5 formulation of M1 in particular is very different and as Dennis has pointed out, the limited data we have shows it works pretty well even in turbo EJs.

Again with your complete lack of reading comprehension, the Outback 3.6 discussed here is my Father's car, a quick read of my profile would reveal I drive a 2007 WRX, I'm well aware of the oil requirements of a turbo EJ. A quick search will turn up a 35k mi UOA history for my car. Where's your contribution?

I also never said timing chains are not harder on oil than belts. I just said they're not as hard on engines as a turbocharger is.
And I presume you have some engineering data to back this up? Didn't think so.

As for turbo cars being much harder on oil than N/A cars. In general, I think that's true, but I think it's highly dependent on how the car is driven. Take a look at THIS thread with several UOAs using Pennzoil Platinum 5w30 in a turbo EJ. They're about the same vintage as PP in my Dad's OB 3.6. They certainly don't show that a WRX is much harder on oil than an OB 3.6, at least when driven primarily on the highway. I'm sure track use would be different.

Also note that M1 0w30 seems to hold up better in my dad's car than PP 5w30.

Now I understand how Uncle Scotty and Unabomber feel...
Finally something we agree on, now get out of my thread!
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