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OMGHi2U Opinions: A possible trade into the Scoob world. **noob content**

Hey guys, I'll try to make this short n' sweet.

The name's Evan, and I've been a VW guy for the majority of my licence'd life (8ish year). I'm a sucker for anything euro- down and out - with class and respect.

Truth is, I'm a post grad working 2 jobs and have ZERO time to work on an unreliable car on the drop of a dime...and my mk3 (97) gti likes to act up more than I'd like it too.

I've had it up for trade for a few months now, and there has been a car or two that have gotten my attention, but one in particular has stuck in the back of my mind. It's a straight up trade, LOCAL (which is girl wanted to meet half way from RI to WI ), and my baby would go to a good home.

Here's the lowdown.

2001 Legacy GT Limited
181k on the clock <--big numbers scare me
drive bearings
coolie flush

My opions
Looks like a Memre car at the moment...the color is to me...could grow though
AWD is a huge selling point
Obviously too early to tell, but seems very well taken care of, looks clean
it's not another VW
It's gonna be a snail compared to my vr6

Noob time- questions:
What are people's opinions of the 3rd gen legacy? Good/bad reviews?
First thing i'd do is coilovers- a quick google search looks like theyr'e a pretty penny- what are the chances of finding them used?
What concerns should I have?
What should I look for if/when I test drive it (iE: typical rust spots)
I live in RI- does anyone know how easy it is to get oem/aftermarket parts for leggies around here?
What is the swapover look like from model to model...gen to gen? Example- say i wanted a hood with a scoop- would an imprez hood swap over? (my guess is no)
What would be some of the innitial mods you'd do? Suspension is top...maybe exhaust and intake?

Thanks so much for your time guys, I realize that wasn't so short and sweet, and sorry for all the scooby noob questions. Gotta start somewhere!

I'm hoping people won't just hate on me like they would on vortex- i know there are some nice guys/gals out there.

Enjoy your festivus!

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