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Originally Posted by rudeboyevan View Post

Noob time- questions:
What are people's opinions of the 3rd gen legacy? Good/bad reviews?
I have a 2nd gen Outback, which falls in with the 3rd gen Legacy. It's my second car and I've had it for two years. It had the head gaskets done before I bought it but I needed to do them again because they were not done correctly. Other than that I think the car is great. It's slow as balls but I love driving it.

First thing i'd do is coilovers- a quick google search looks like theyr'e a pretty penny- what are the chances of finding them used?
Dunno bout that. I lifted mine using Subaru Baja springs.

What concerns should I have?
Check the head gaskets! Very carefully inspect as much of the gasket as you can, but especially the bottoms. You will probably need to drop the plastic undercover to look at the bottom of the head/block, but you should do that. The undercover comes off with a few 12mm bolts and a couple 10mm screws at the fenders. You should take it off and use a flashlight to look closely at the heads to see if you see any sign of oil or coolant leaking from the head gasket. See HERE to read about the common head gasket issues with the EJ251 SOHC that is in your car (and mine). Don't let the head gasket issue scare you away from the car-look at the car and make a decision based on that specific car. If you don't see any leaking, great! If it's a pretty substantial leak, you're going to have to get the gaskets done and that is something you want done by a person/shop who knows Subarus, preps the block and resurfaces the heads correctly and uses good gaskets.

What should I look for if/when I test drive it (iE: typical rust spots)
Rear quarter panels right where the bottom of the quarter panel meets the plastic bumper cover are the spots where body rust forms first, almost invariably. The undercarriage of my car is relatively clean and I don't really have any other rust points to note. Nothing else really comes to mind, except the normal used car things like testing the clutch, listening for odd noises, CELs, testing electronics, looking at the know..

I live in RI- does anyone know how easy it is to get oem/aftermarket parts for leggies around here?
Dunno. I live in CT and I order from in Washington for OEM parts. They're a supporter of this forum and have good prices. I hardly ever buy stuff local.

What is the swapover look like from model to model...gen to gen? Example- say i wanted a hood with a scoop- would an imprez hood swap over? (my guess is no)
Yea I don't know about that.

What would be some of the innitial mods you'd do? Suspension is top...maybe exhaust and intake?
Good idea to start with suspension. 181k if it's original it's pretty well shot. An intake would honestly be pointless to do. The stock intake is very nonrestrictive and is already a cold air intake. You could do exhaust, but keep in mind you'd be doing it for the sound, not the performance. What I would do after suspension is get some Delta reground camshafts. I have 1500 regrinds (they make 1k, 1.5k, 2k, and 3k grinds from mild to hot order...) in my car and they're far the cheapest power gain you can see from these N/A EJ25s. Still, you will probably be disappointed if you expect the same fun as your GTI.
Good luck.
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