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Default Rough Idle When Half Warmed Up (Cold Weather) 2008 impreza WRX

vous pouvez voir la meme chose en francais au/you can see this in french at

Basically the problem is when it's cold outside like 0f and under when you start the car it run fine and even if you let it idle for like 5 min it's fine, but when you hit the gaz 1 time the choke stop and now the car will almost die down to 500 rpm then back up to 1500 down to 500...every time you stop at a corner or you put on neutral then when the car is hot (15 min highway) the problem is gone.([i]how to be a good customer video ETCG!

FF TO 10:40
for the main point but the rest is interesting

The problem i found ([i]using eric video on vaccum leak using carb cleaner (you can use brake cleaner but it will eat the rubber and plastic(same can be said of carb cleaner but i prefer a spray over the propane hose that can get caught by a pulley.. your choice lol) it worked for me, people told me they had mix result with this, just change the damn gasket it's worth it)
is that between the plastic intake (pic below) and the metal intake when the metal is cold it contracted and the gasket don't fill the gap anymore. It's a manufacture error on the gasket and it's only on late 2007 and early 2008 wrx and legagy gt model.

technical drawing, piece number 14035 (14035AA492 is the exact number, thx to aberg12012 and Hoon Goon for this number)you will need 4 of those

old one

new one

(this is post install) i was doing some wiring for a wideband today and i took these pictures you can see the gasket on it(new)

i did this a week ago on my wrx 2008, the rough idle is completetly gone, idle is a LOT smoother all the time, and i can actually reach my target boost now (16.5) (but the tune i was working on for a year using romraider is useless cause the fuel map (and the rest) are all wrong now... more learning for me i guess lol)

took me like 3-4 hour with a couple of will NEED dental pick and a small mirror something like this

here what i did with picture

(this picture isn't mine) yellow arrow and circle are bolt or clam to remove,the orange circle is an air pump to be remove too (2 bolts, 1 clam), the orange arrow is the fuel line bracket that will need to be bent up, the blue arrow are optional but it help move the intake a bit

start by removing the intercooler, the air intake and the tube between the air box/motor and the small black coolant tank (unhook the three tubes on top and remove the bolt holding the tank, lift the tank off the plastic nipple and drain the liquid inside a CLEAN bottle you will reuse that).

behind the intake where the intercoller used to be you will need to remove 3 bolts, if you look at the engine from the front start on your left (the last bolt is hidden behind the bov tube), they hold a bracket for electric wire,now you will need to ply this off the intake (push toward the windshield) on the picture you can see how the bracket look.
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