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Originally Posted by railguy View Post
I had a hx35 on a 2.7 block, and it made more power than my fp red and built boost about 2k faster, it seems that the big difference between holset and other turbos, is that diesel turbos start building boost much much faster, I remember seeing 5 psi by like 2800 rpms in 4th gear, I dont have any facts to back it up but I promise they spool way better, but they dont give you that hit you in your face until like 20psi..... Its more gradual... I loved it, I will be showing pics of an hx60 on a suby... get ready for pics.
Eric, that HX60 will probably flow comparably with that S475 (75 or 85, don't recall) that you have.

As for the text from yesterday; I'd certainly hope that a 3.8L EG with an S475 is quicker than a 2.43 with an HX55
As for the spoolgate idea, tell your fab guy to size things correctly. I'd have used a 44-50mm gate for my crossover. The 60 might bleed pressure to quickly and prove to make tuning quite difficult...just a hint from someone that spent two years calibrating similar situations on diesel engines.
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