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This car lives for the track! Everything else is going to be a compromise.

For all the little, this isn't a frickin minivan, sacrifices just: enter car, turn off stability control, turn off traction control, and powerslide out your driveway . Every day I leave the office I have a big grin on my face as drift her out of the parking lot

With that said I have the FRS and the Pioneer it comes with sounds great when using bluetooth or the USB stick. Typically factor Subaru stereos and NAV really suck. knowing this would be a race car I wanted either a base BRZ or FRS and the FRS came in sooner so I picked that up.

I had issues with the bluetooth and people not hearing me clearly but I traced that down to the rubber cup holder blocking the mic. You need to insert that so the mic is on the open side.

If you need to put kid seats behind the driver, you'll be hating life

Maybe it's just me but I think the FRS interior is great and not cheap at all. As mentioned the buttons that don't like up pretty lame at night.

I think at $24k the FRS is a steal and I didn't expect the world at that price and I actually got more than I expected. The car itself has taken massive abuse at the track and massive abuse being a Hydra EMS R&D mule for Element Tuning and it's handled it all incredibly well.

With that said my taillights are full of water and my driver's side window squeals like a pig
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