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Ok. I reported that the oil light was on dimly in my car last week (red light). Last nite, the amber colored oil light came on. I stopped by a Subaru dealership I was near this morning, and explained the situation. The first thing the advisor said was "Well, did you check the oil?". I told him I had and that it was right between the two marks. I asked him if that was considered low, and he made up something because basically he didn't know. I asked him how much oil is acceptable to burn per Subaru. Of course he didn't know. He checked my oil and said it was below the bottom mark and low. When he realized I knew what I was talking about, he quickly admitted he was new to Subaru and got me the other advisor.

I explained the two lights to him and told him that I had the oil changed at 3,000,and 7,500 (currently at 13,600) per Subaru guidelines. Told me I should check the oil every fill up, Its ok to use quart every 1,000 miles, I should carry oil in my car at all times, its my responsibility to make sure I have oil in my car, that I should be getting oil changes every 5k miles, asked me if I had ever owned a car with a boxer engine blah blah blah. He checked my oil and it was right in the middles of the two marks. This guy seemed surprised and would not say if it was low or not when I asked him. He did put a half quart in though.

He did say that the red light sounds like an electrical problem with the sensor. I told him that was comforting since I am driving the only car out of my last 30 cars that burned oil. I pointed out that this car probably burns as much oil as my 67 Beetle with 268k miles on it drops on the ground. He told me that Subaru prefers to use the term "comsume" as opposed to "burn". I asked where it was going since it was not on the ground if it was not getting burned.

I have alot going on right now, and did not have time to leave it. I did tell them though that i have had many cars, and many of those had longer OCI than this car and they did not "consume" any noticible and certainly not any significant amount of oil.

When I left, i looked at the service advisor and told him that Subaru should start marketing the Impreza as getting 50 mpg.......... of oil. He laughed.

Pretty much I have never owned a car that had vanishing oil. I don't intend to drive one now.
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