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Originally Posted by 03.dub.r.x View Post
early welcome.
and sounds fancy!
Thank you. Cant wait to start meeting some of you.

Originally Posted by USLiberty View Post
I didn't notice any increase in lag after my fmic install, there is more power everywhere, especially after its warmed up where heat soak would normally kick in. I then ported my exhaust manifolds and it spools up 500rpm sooner. I also have an old link plus v10 standalone but the antilag is too crude for street use. I do use the launch control/flat shifting option when someone tailgates me, it blows fireballs of unburned fuel out the exhaust. They usually always quit tailgating after I do that ;-P
Are you building your car here or in AK?
Haha yeah the link is more of a race standalone and its always fun seeing them shoot out stuff around town. As for the fmic, more pipe equals more lag no matter the set up. Might be a small amount more but its still more.

Originally Posted by kpluiten View Post
Are those EJ251 heads a typo or are you doing some freaky motor assembly?

Also, you're forgetting AVCS. If you truly want the best shot at no lag, you want to figure out AVCS. And it can be done. Especially with a stand alone like you mentioned. However, be careful with the stand alone as that makes passing emissions here not possible. If you care about such things; if you can stay registered in Alaska, that might be better.

So are you ditching your AC? I've yet to see a V-mount kit that keeps AC, but perhaps they can be done. It can be done with the flipped manifold too, but is difficult to package cleanly. I ask because no AC in the valley is a terrible thing. I've gotten into my car and had it be nearly 170 inside! Even with the windows down, it's still going to be 120 plus rolling down the freeway. But to each their own.

Sorry for the abrasive tone in the previous post, I realized that and edited it, but not soon enough it seems.

E85 is nice because it is so damn simple. Really you setup your car for it and forget it. You're not having to constantly refill your system and check for leaks/clogs and monitor flows and design fail safes, etc. That said, I have a spec-c tank and HFS-6 kit in itching to install for no reason other than i like installing things and is a sweet setup.

Here's where I did some work to my car:
Yeah I don't think my car could pass emissions now. We don't have it in Alaska so never thought about it. Thanks for the reminder. Ill stay registered in Alaska then.

My car is fully stripped including my A/C. I will probably pick up a daily driver though.

So if I run e85 I just need bigger injectors? How easy is it to come by down there? I would hate to go on a road trip and get stuck looking for e85. Also whats the price of it down there?

Love the car. Here's mine.

Originally Posted by kpluiten View Post
Ok, I think I understand your head choice given the platform. But with certain stand alone you could really do AVCS of you wanted. I know nothing of that link system.

What compression ratio on this setup?
Those heads are pretty amazing. A good friend of mine who owns a tuning shop built a rally car with a similar set up and the thing walks away from gtrs on the low end. CR should be around 8.5:1 if my math is correct.
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