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Originally Posted by Oliver_Jay View Post
Turns out she's gonna make the drive, and I worked out a plan with the dealer. The CEL and Cruise light only turn on because the ECU doesn't recognize my BOV or my downpipe. However, she'll make the drive. I worked something out with the dealership as well, because they love sti's. That's what they specialize in... It's not just some Mom and Pop car dealership where there's a bunch of ****ty civics, a couple of acuras, a random ass ford explorer and then an sti. Their selection consists of bmw m3's, subaru sti's, mitsu evo's, nissan 300zx's, all cars that actually MATTER. That are actually doing something, that have a legacy. Himself and his brothers run the business, and he introduced me to his cousin who works at subaru himself. I can get an engine swap and forged parts for under 5k because he says he'll do it at his business license price. I'll have even more money after I go out to sea next month for aircraft flight operations and anti-piracy missions. It's gonna be sweet.

What most of you don't see is that I'm not trying to go like 293847239847239whp and ****, I'm going functionally basic.. 350whp, and then focus on cosmetic stuff, and just keep my car maintained after a protune. I want my car for personal projection, and self-validation for the most part... You can all understand. A man and his car. My smog is good for two years, and the downpipe adds like another 25hp (However, not tuned.) It's not like I'm running a fat turbo on my stock blocks, so I'm not risking any bearing spins.
I don't ever recall being this naive as a 19 year old. I can understand lack of knowledge or experience with something like this, but at which point does it become explicit stupidity? There's plenty of good advice in this thread, but none of it really matters if this kid refuses to consider any of it.

Please, take your sketchy ass car back to the sketchy ass stealership that you bought it from. Have them put a sub-$5k motor in it with "forged" internals (like you'll actually be able to check, right?) and sub-par workmanship... maybe they'll give you a free bottle of lube with your bill

Consider yourself warned.
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