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Originally Posted by Rooster907 View Post
I have a 2006 STI bone stock with a aftermarket warranty. ive had ALOT of warranty work done on my car including turbo, rear diff, and rear struts. After i uninstall and un marry this tuner from my ECU will it leave any "taddle tales" on ECU that may void my warranty?
A version 2 AccessPORT (i.e. current version with color screen) will restore the ECU back to the image that was on there when you installed it, whether that was the factory original map or something else. A version 1 AccessPORT (i.e. the old, discontinued model) will restore a factory map but not necessarily exactly the same factory map that you had on there before (Subaru makes multiple ECU revisions for a given car/year throughout the year).

We can't make any guarantees about any warranty-related issues (no Subaru tuning solution can) or about what a dealership can or cannot detect, but some details about some assumptions we can make (based on available evidence/rumor) is here:

If this is an independent shop, their capability is even less so, but we still can't make any guarantees.

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