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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
Is that 2.7% to the (+ or the -) So my car is piling up more miles than I have actually driven? When I use my GPS the speedo MPH is pretty spot on with the GPS display MPH.
Why they can't align the speedometer with the odometer is a puzzle. Odometers are generally about 2% slow with new tires, so with 1.4" tread and 25" diameter they are right on when the tires are bald. The speedometer is right on with new tires and then would read 2% fast with bald tires. (I don't know anyone who drives their tires until bald, but maybe that's just me...) Maybe the speedo/odo differential is a safety feature (?)

Your problem with the dashboard indicator is also pretty much in line with others - it reads about 10% optimistic, I guess to please those not good enough in math to figure it out themselves. Combining the two errors the dashboard indicator is about 8% optimistic.

As far as your mpg, you must have the cvt. There are some here who are apparently incapable of hand calculations and get their 5 speeds mixed up with the better proclaimed mpg of the cvt, and so say the cvt "is pretty close" to advertised but comparing to other cars it is way off. Conjecture is since the cvt can be "tuned" it was tuned to maximize mpg on the EPA test without regard to reality, as you are pretty much in line with the majority of other cvt drivers on this board. Mpg of the cvt is indeed sadly lacking.

It will get 1 to 2 mpg better, but that's about it. I am curious what happens with I replace the fluids with a Group IV synthetic.
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