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Originally Posted by scootarida1 View Post
So I recently did a compression test since my 05 FXT was consuming about a qt of oil every 500 miles or so.

Here are the results (completed within 30 min of shutdown)

3---134 psi 4---125 psi
1---129 psi 2---121 psi

Unfortunately I was not able to run a leak down test because I couldn't find a socket for the crank. But from the compression test, it looks like its time for a rebuild. Let me know what everyone one else thinks.

My plan so far for the motor is:

Manley 8.5:1 99.75 Pistons
Manley H Rods or Eagle H Rods (Not Sure Yet)
ACL Race Bearings
ARP Head Studs

I am also looking to convert to top feed injectors. Im looking at the Five-O Black Ops 1400cc injectors.

The car is a DD and am looking for about 425-450 WHP on 93. So I plan on running tighter clearances since the car will only see a spirited pull here and there.

I'm thinking around 0.0028" for the PW clearance and I'm not sure for the rod and main clearances yet.

Anything I'm missing?
For 93 on a dd with forged pistons and no constant beat, but with 400-425 awhp I would do:

PWC minimum .003 with a happy spot of .0035
mains at .0012-.0014
rods at .0002 more than the mains.

top rings at .014-.015
second at .017 - .018
OCR rails at min spec of .015

At least that would be my starting point.

Just do the manley rods - there's a thread on this very subject going right now.

If you were burning that much oil you WILL have to at least clean the valves, and you will have to check the seats as I'm betting you have a good bit of carbon buildup going on with those.
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