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The biggest "trick" for driving in snow is not to over-drive for the traction conditions. Leave double your normal following distance. Brake earlier and easier than you would on dry roads. Accelerate half as hard as you normally would. And take corners half as fast as you would on a dry road.

Weight transfer can be your friend. If the front end is plowing wide of your intended turning line, lift off the gas and more weight will transfer forward, giving you more grip there. You can also left-foot brake (LFB that someone referred to earlier) to transfer weight forward and get more grip for turning. Sometimes you may want to deliberately overpower the traction in the rear and make the car drift to get around a corner also. Just be careful, because it's REALLY easy to overdo that one and end up spinning completely around, or going off the road.

You can practice the weight transfer stuff in an empty parking lot. Find a nice open area and start driving in a circle at 15 or 20 mph with the wheel held in one position. Once you find the speed point where you can maintain a nice steady circle, start playing with the gas. If you lift off the gas, your circle should tighten up as the front wheels get more grip. When you add gas, it should get wider as the front end loses some grip. It's a good way to learn how small throttle adjustments can make a big handling difference when you're at the traction limit.
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