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Just think about how you walk when you are on a skating rink in shoes and drive like that it is a pretty darn close comparison.

I've driven RWD since I started driving. Don't give it gas if the rear pops out as some have suggested. This may sort of work with AWD but the best course of action is to decrease throttle input slightly (don't jump off the throttle that can make things worse) and steer into the skid, don't give it more power.

don't pump the brakes, let them off and then reapply lighter if they lockup, also remember if you are sliding towards someone don't hold the brake, it sounds counter intuitive but train yourself to look for an exit, let off the gas and point for it. I've never come close to hitting someone but we have to take an advanced snow and ice driver training every year for work and we have to practice this technique all the time until it becomes habit.

Short shift all the time and double (at least) any stopping or following distances.

Really there is not a lot different between summer and winter driving, the main difference is that for crappy drivers summer driving is a lot more forgiving than winter driving and allows them to get away with a lot more. Most people that crash on snow and ice don't crash because of the conditions, they crash because they are poor drivers (and probably never realized it).
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