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Originally Posted by Hondaslayer View Post
Why buy an Evo when an STI is available for a good bit less?
Well, the price isn't really that different (unless you are comparing fully optioned, top-of-the-line models, which isn't exactly a fair comparison), but anyone who has driven both can tell the differences between them. So it's not as if you're getting the exact same car (or even the same performance) for less money.

Originally Posted by express_wagon View Post
I gotta say the Outlander Sport SE is a very nice package. For something in the low 20s MSRP, you get a CVT + AWD with lots of standard features (HID headlights, fog lights, heated front seats, LED tails, full trip computer). Even comes standard with 10 year powertrain warranty but who knows if the company will be around that long.

With the discounts they are offering on brand new 2012 units, you can pick up one of these up for less than $20k easily. Hard to argue the overall package for the money.
It's a pretty decent package like you said, as long as you're not too demanding with acceleration, since I've read that it's a weak point of the vehicle. It's a pretty good looking little SUV, for what it is. My boss's girlfriend (who has had BMW convertibles her whole life since she was 16) saw one parked at the entrance of our local Costco and couldn't stop talking about how cute she thought it was. I compared it to the RAV4 (just to explain to a different co-worker what the car was like), and she interrupted and said, "No, it's waaay better looking than a RAV4" (even though I know the RAV4 is probably a lot more reliable). But then again, it does have that 10 year-warranty, which is nice. But I think even if companies go under, their warranties are still honored, and I believe that they contract repairs through different automakers who may have been affiliated with them at some point (like how Isuzu used to do stuff through Mitsubishi).

Originally Posted by naimouasta View Post
i agree. the outlander sport as well as the regular lancer are nice decent cars for now, but soon outdated. they need to rid of the rest of the lineup and update the galant.

the outlander sport and lancer are avaliable with the evo's dumb'd down version of its awd so i think they are pretty decent. i think they have 3 diffs.
It just sucks since from 2000 onward, it seems impossible for Mitsubishi to have at least half of its lineup be decent cars. But the Lancer lineup (with the exception of the odd-looking Sportback) and the Outlander Sport aren't too bad, but they're just not class-leading and will definitely fall behind the pack soon enough.
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