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Spyker interiors are outstanding.

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
Your argument about pricing is actually... Stupid. Your disdain about the LFA's price could be applied to the SLR and a myriad of cars over 100k because they all don't turn better lap times than an old Viper. But Scrappy put it best - not everyone wants to be a neanderthal with a club.

Again, obsessed with lap times. Let me ask - how many track days per year did you attend per year with your Lamborghini and Viper? How many times have you run the Ring with your personal car? What SCCA class do you run your Lamborghini in?

If lap times are your primary concern, then I imagine that might be the disconnect - you are obviously a frequent trackrat that spends their time racing these cars in competition so every second around the track is important and very consequential. The rest of us aren't tracking Lambos and Vipers - we're coming from the perspective of owning a high-quality sports car and enjoying the feel, the sound, and the drive - not just a YouTube laptime.
I bring up lap times because Lexus named the car after a racetrack. The videos I posted are drag races; which by reading the trap speeds gives a good indication of how a specific car will accelerate at WOT. This is relevant to ownership as many performance car owners go WOT during ownership.

The LFA markets the crap out of its performance tech, such as: fast revving V10, carbon construction, digital dash, Yamaha exhaust, Nurburgring model, etc. But for some reason it performs at the same level of a GT car and on the track that it is named after, looses to a very basic V10 powered car.
The other, current, $400k car that comes to mind is the Aventador, which also has a carbon chassis, automated manual trans, and an ugly techy interior. But the Aventador shoots flames and RUNS away from the LFA. Where is the result of all the work Lexus’ put into high tech performance?

If I'm spending $400k+ on a "supercar", performance is going to be VERY high on my list of the car's accolades. So how a car performs in comparison to others is important to me. On the other hand, if I was in the market for a Phantom coupe, I wouldn’t care that a Bentley CGT Supersport is faster and cheaper. But there is the difference, the Phantom doesn’t claim to be a fast car, where the LFA does.

IMO the Lexus has made a lot of claims about how great the car is and aside from breaking glass with the exhaust, it hasn’t actually achieved anything great. It is, however, the most expensive Toyota available, aside from the 2000GT. Therefore, the LFA does not have one aspect that I find impressive.

Yes, I do take my cars to the track. I do not participate in the SCCA.
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