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Originally Posted by White out View Post
The other, current, $400k car that comes to mind is the Aventador, which also has a carbon chassis, automated manual trans, and an ugly techy interior. But the Aventador shoots flames and RUNS away from the LFA. Where is the result of all the work Lexus’ put into high tech performance?
Car Magazine UK: Lexus LFA vs Lamborghini Aventador

In November 2011, Car Magazine conducted a comparison test between Lexus LFA and Lamborghini Aventador. The Aventador had a 139 HP advantage over the Lexus LFA. However, Lexus LFA weighs almost 230 KG less. The magazine had established the Lexus LFA engine as the better of the two going as far as saying that "[LFA] is powered by the best engine this side of Paul Rosche’s masterpiece in the back of a McLaren F1."Regarding the exterior look of the Lexus LFA, editor commented "To me LFA is a glorious looking car - beautifully proportioned and meticulously finished and with drama in every crease and curve". Once the editors had the cars on mountain roads, clearly Lexus LFA seemed make a very positive impression on the editors as they commented "The way the Aventador quickly reverses in my rearview mirror, my guess was not far off". "The LFA zings between hairpins and then peels cleanly into them, front end assured, but never artificially pointy and the rear noticeably wants to edge just a few degreess wide as the V10 feeds the rear tires with its buzzsaw power". In the end in terms of sheer driving enjoyment, the editors were clear that Lexus LFA was the more enjoyable car of the two.
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