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Remember that ABS doesn't help you stop sooner, particularly on snow. It prevents the wheels from locking up so you can steer. If your ABS kicks in look for someplace to steer to - don't look at the object you are about to hit.

The trick to winter driving is to anticipate what is going to happen. You need to be constantly reading the road conditions ahead of you and noting whether its snow, ice, wet or dry, if there are bumps, camber or obstacles to consider, and so on. Then, if you're being safe - slow down accordingly; or if you're having fun anticipate how much the car is going to slide. If you're going around an icy corner for example you need to turn in sooner than you normally would so the car is rotated just the right amount as it reaches the corner - in other words, slide in - straight out, not straight in - slide out. To do this you need to set the car up with the steering wheel, but actually control where the car is going by modulating the throttle and brakes. The only way to get a handle on this is to practice - and only practice in an empty parking lot or other location where you won't damage you car or other people's property.
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