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Originally Posted by luan87us View Post
We've been getting quite a few snow storms around here lately and I've realized people are becoming a lot dumber driving in the snow nowaday. Especially people in Truck/SUV/AWD cars. I have no problem driving in the snow however when I do have to drive in the snow I'm more afraid of other people hitting me. I always try to keep a big distance in front of me so I have enough time to react however people always tailgate right behind me like they can break without sliding off in the snow. Some time I want to suddenly pump my break so those people just lose control of their car >.>

On topic: If your tail end swinging out then you're turning too fast. Make your turns slower, stay under 2000 rpm.
Some idiot passed me in an Escalade yesterday. It was snowing. I was doing just slightly over the speed limit, and there was a double yellow line. Yet he felt his 6000lbs SUV on all-season tires was being held up unnecessarily. Unfortunately he didn't end up in the ditch (that I saw anyway).
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