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Originally Posted by ByeBye4g63t View Post
No, I was just trying to help him out, but thanks for your opinion. I agree, a WRX is not a bad choice, it's just not the best, especially if he's getting a loan on a higher mileage, turbocharged AWD car that could potentially be a huge mistake. Ask me how I know, but don't expect me to understand, because I'm just an asshat who wants to talk to a mirror.

Why, because I believe that one car is more reliable than another? You're right, I am the idiot . IMO I don't think a turbocharged AWD car should be considered when the OP says "I want something Reliable". Everyone that I've encountered with a WRX so far has either transmission issues, or they've replaced their 2.0 because of spun bearings. It's not an assertion, and it's not like I'm making stuff up because I'm bored. OP, it sounds like you have your mind made up already, just buy the WRX.
I have an 04 WRX, with 119k. Bought it about 4 months ago. Starts, runs etc. Subaru MAY not be the BEST car, but it's certainly nothing to look past. They are fun cars, AWD and turbo, and endless mods (if you're into that) that you can do AND good on gas mileage, safe, more than enough room. Some cars are just lemons, every manufacture has them. Hell I had a VW Jetta that I bought and not even 6 months later, the engine took a **** on me and the ONLY thing i did to it was a CAI.

Imo, Subarus are good cars, that's the bottom line.

cupcake.....give yourself another year or WILL have an accident......virtually certain that this will happen
First off, cupcake? Second off - What he's saying, is true. No matter WHO you are, you WILL have an accident, Guaranteed. 8 months of driving? Say that in another 5 years. I've had 10 years of driving on me and I've gotten into them. ***** happens, it's life.
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